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It all started with this pedal...

An important component, a product with a unique design, built to last

07 April 2023


The pedals 

The adventure started from this pedal, the mythical DMR V8. 

Summer 1998, Eurobike show, Free-ride was born a few months ago……

 Among the thousand wonderful things around the stands I find a small desk inside a tiny stand, the size of the stand was really Lilliputian as at the time was the brand represented. 

The stand was Dmr Bikes, few products, well made, made to last, colorful and above all beautiful.

 At the stand there were two guys a few years older than me (I hate the word old, remember that, I'm also touchy...), they were and still are, the founders and owners of Dmr. Damian and Matt. 

Dmr in fact encloses the initials of their names and surnames: D(Damian)M(Mason-Matt)R(Ryley), Damian and Matt in fact !!! 

In 1998 flat pedals on the market were quite simple and often fragile, DMR made pedals first of all colorful, gave them a sinuous shape, but above all it made them really durable.

 If you think about it, the pedal is the surface that ,together with grips and the saddle, allows you to control your bike. They are an extremely important component of the bicycle transmission. 

Today pedals have evolved in materials, shapes, finishes and colors. Dmr still remains an absolute reference , I would say the benchmark in pedal's market https://www.free-ride.it/en/prodotti/search/?q=pedals with the DMR Vaults offered in many colors, with the DMR V11 in composite material, with the DMR VTwins spd, with the DMR Versa for dual use and obviously with the always mythical DMR V8s. 


Have a nice ride.