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Custom made rear shocks

The importance to have a tailor made rear shock

19 April 2023

Custom made rear shocks

Customized shock absorbers 


Suspensions have always been important, over the years they have become more efficient, lighter, more adjustable, more reliable .... more more more. 

However, the ones that work perfectly are the custom ones, the ones made at the specific request of the rider.

 We are talking about the perfect fitting that only a tailor-made dress can give. 

Here at Free-ride we have always dealt with ‘’tailor-made’ suspensions, from the legendary Curnutt Racing Shocks that equipped the Foes frames, to the beautiful Elka Stage 5 available custom valving with real tuning service, to the Mrp Raze, up to the fantastic Fast Suspension Holy Grail, Fenix and Fenix Evo. 

Having a suspension created ‘’ad hoc‘’ for your bike and your own riding style makes everything easier, safer and of course much more fun.

 With a custom shock absorber https://www.free-ride.it/en/prodotti/categoria/rear-shocks/ your bike truly becomes a super bike. 

We have always treated niche products with top-notch finishes, products with passion and determination in seeking the best possible performance to offer the customer. 


Have a good ride.


Custom made rear shocks